Tuesday, December 17, 2013

TWD -- Gingersnaps that lacked snap

Beauty is their own excuse for being
I was really looking forward to this Tuesdays with Dorie assignment. Gingersnaps are just about my favorite cookie. But when I looked over the recipe I was dubious. There didn't seem to be enough ingredients -- particularly flour -- for the amount of cookies specified.

So, I decided to double the recipe, which was a smart move. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have had enough cookies to make it worth the effort of mixing, rolling, baking and decorating.

Even though the ingredient list looked quite different from my traditional gingersnap recipe, I decided to soldier on and try the Baking with Julia recipe. Plus, my daughter had just loaned me her snowflake cookie cutter and I was dying to try decorating with some meringue powder icing.

I'll have to say I was disappointed in the results. The cookies had snap on the edges, but the centers were chewy, not snappy. I did have fun with my attempt at decorating the snowflakes, but from here on out I will use another recipe for the cookies.


  1. No, these were not very gingery or snappy.. I do like the way you decorated them. Very pretty

  2. I love the shape of your cookies! So very pretty. Too bad these were a disappointment - with me too - no flavor or snap. :(

  3. Mine were not snappy at all. I was very disappointed. Your snowflakes are beautiful. Great job!

  4. not ginger-y and no snap! phooey on these cookies! Good are beautiful, though!