Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TWD -- A high maintenance cookie

Double chocolate cookies -- too thin for my taste.
Was it worth one pound of chocolate, a hard-to-work-with fudge like dough that refused to drop neatly from a cookie scoop and a cookie which stubbornly stuck to the cookie sheet? I vote no. The cookies were good but not THAT good. This cookie was high maintenance.

This cookie also required more time to make than, say, a typical chocolate chip cookie. I have recipes for chocolate cookies made with cocoa that I would rate higher than this one.

I rarely have cookies stick these days now that we have silicone and parchment paper. I first tried baking them on a silicone mat and they wanted to adhere to the silicone. I then tried parchment paper, as specified in the recipe, but with no better luck. And, the cookies tended to spread too much for my taste. I like a thicker, more substantial cookie.

The bottom line is that I won't make these cookies again -- too expensive, too hard to work with and too thin. Give me Martha Stewart's chocolate cookies any day.


  1. Ooooohhhh, I am so sorry that these cookies were not a winner to you and hope the next recipe will bring you more joy...
    We loved them and ours did not stick to the parchment paper (lucily).
    However, I'd love to try Martha Stewart chocolate cookies. I have her book, could you please be so kind and tell me on which page are your favourite chocolate cookies?
    Many thanks <3

  2. Oh no. We liked these. But I know what you mean about Martha Stewart cookies...I'm find I can't do wrong with her recipes.

  3. I would love to know why your cookies spread so much and stuck to the parchment, I did not have those issues. Odd.

  4. Sorry to hear these did not work out for you. I thought they were great. Though I do like the taste cocoa powder gives to cookies. I was surprised mine did not spread all that much. Did you chill your dough overnight? I did.

  5. I'm so curious why yours spread so much! The author noted that they should and would, but mine did not whatsoever. My mom also found them too rich, so we probably won't be baking them again.