Monday, April 14, 2014

TWD -- Can-do Cantuccini

Practically perfect in every way
I loved this recipe. I was thrown at first by the name, but once I read this was real-deal biscotti, I couldn't wait to try it. I have been making biscotti off and on for some time, but had never run into a recipe for unblanched almonds. What were they and where did one get them? I ended up using a product called "raw almonds" so I hoped that meant unblanched.

I followed the recipe exactly and found the end product "practically perfect in every way," as Mary Poppins would say. I have come to believe that a biscotti recipe without any fat makes a cookie too tough and crunchy, but these weren't. My eight-year-old granddaughter even liked them and wasn't put off by the fact that they didn't look like the traditional cookie. I am going on a Cooks' Tour tomorrow and will take these along to pass out on the bus.