Monday, October 1, 2012

TWD -- My favorite recipe so far

I loved, loved, loved the Pumpkin Cranberry Nut Yeast Bread, this week's Tuesdays with Dorie assignment! I can't say enough good things about it. I had pumpkin in the freezer left over from last year's crop of pie pumpkins, and I thawed it enabling me to use the real McCoy, rather than the canned, processed variety.

After reading the recipe, I decided to skip the refrigeration step. I know, I know, I cheated, but time was of the essence and I needed to be up and gone today and lacked the luxury of waiting around for refrigerated dough to warm and then rise. Plus, I have baked with refrigerated dough before and don't think the extra step adds enough to the final product to make it all worthwhile. It may pay off when making a baguette, but when making a vegetable, fruit bread, I couldn't see the advantage.
I made no changes to the recipe except for substituting dried cranberries (Craisins) for fresh ones. I love Craisins, and I reasoned that fresh cranberries could give the bread too tart a taste.

Baked in 71.2- by 4-inch pans
I opted to bake my loaves in 71/2- by 4-inch pans rather than the three smaller ones. First of all, I don't own those minuscule pans (what's the point?) and I wanted a sizable loaf to take to a Debate Party on Wednesday night (go Obama).

Second rise, 2 hours
Sliced when still warm
My dough did need a bit more water, perhaps an ounce or so, but otherwise the it acted as it should, slapping the sides of the Kitchen Aid bowl like a good loaf of bread should. The dough took a while to rise, due I think to the sugar and the cinnamon in the mixture, but it was well worth the wait. The first rise took 90 minutes, the second rise 120. I couldn't wait to carve into the loaf, and I was ecstatic over its taste, its crumb, its texture. I will definitely make this bread again!


  1. Nice! Good to know the refrigerator step can be skipped

  2. oh can skip the overnight refrigeration... thats huge.. the cake can then be made in a much lesser time.. this just took ages!!!

  3. Good call on the craisins. I've been pulling the whole cranberries out of my loaf as they are way too tart. Your loaves are very pretty.

  4. i had the time to wait for the long rises but in the end, i got impatient. if i make this again, i will eliminate that overnight in the fridge step. it is persimmon season and i used fresh persimmon puree rather than the canned pumpkin, definitely worth the trouble of making the puree! your breads look lovely!

  5. Fortunatley, the overnight rise fit into my schedule - but I like that people had success skipping it as well

  6. I agree, the sit in the refrigerator really didn't add much. But we loved the bread. It really was fall all wrapped up in a loaf of bread.
    Have a great week.

  7. Very glad to know that I can skip the refrigeration step. Now I will certainly be making this more often! Thanks for the tip.